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Flareon and Vaporeon love by Aquaeevee29
Flareon and Vaporeon love
So cute, their names are Firework Spark and Coral Reef
Tealshade by Aquaeevee29
All about Tealshade
Tealshade's parents are Autumnleaf and Riverflow and her siblings are the Tom, Woodpelt and the she-cat, Whiteheart. Tealshade used to be a Falconclan warrior, but she hated the open spaced Moor so she longed for a closed area like the forest. She joined Leafclan, about the same time that Singedfang and Duckfeather did. She never wanted a mate at first, but when she saw Singedfang for the first time, she grew a crush on him. Tealshade was heartbroken when Woodpelt died in a battle against Falconclan. She never thought her ex-clan would kill one of their ex-clanmates. She one day was planning an asasination on, Birchfur, the cat who murdered Woodpelt. She planned it with Whiteheart, but Singedfang over heard them talking and followed them to Falconclan territory. Right as they were about to strike, Singedfang stopped them. He said, "The only thing revenge and vengeance does is fuel more anger. I should know, I learned that a while ago." Tealshade and White heart went back to Leafclan, before the sun came up and no one knew about their attempt.
Before the battle against Raggedclan, Singedfang admitited he loved Tealshade and that he loved her more then Duckfeather. Tealshade and Singedfang had the kits, Greenkit, Sprucekit, and Featherkit. When Greenkit became Greenpaw, he died from a badger. Singedfang and Tealshade greived horribly, especially Singedfang, who was Greenpaw's mentor. In the battle with the pack of wolves, Spiritstar, Singedfang and Duckfeather died.
Tealshade was about to retire to the elders den, because she couldn't cope with the grief, when Featherpaw became Featherfall and Sprucepaw became Sprucefur. She realized that Greenpaw and Singedfang we're still with her through her two remaining kits. Greenpaw, Spiritstar, Singedfang, and Duckfeather we're four of the nine lives that Redfeather got when she became Redstar.
Duckfeather by Aquaeevee29
Duckfeather was a rogue named Ginger who traveled with Shade (Later Singedfang) She met him after he ran away from his Twolegs, after they removed his claws. They we're gonna be mates until the joined Leafclan. Duckfeather saw Cheetahspots healing other cats in the medicine den and knew that was her destiny. She would do it no madder what, even if it meant sacrificing her relationship with Singedfang
Singedfang by Aquaeevee29
Singedfang used to be a rogue with Duckfeather named Shade. He ran away from his twolegs after they got his claws removed. He ran away with Ginger(later Duckfeather) and they were gonna be mates until they joined Leafclan and she became a medicine cat.
My Warrior Cat Certificate

Kit: Redkit
Apprentice: Redpaw
Warrior: Redfeather
Leader: Redstar

Pretty red dappled she-cat with deep green eyes.

Family tree:
Mother: Breezeripple
Father: Leapleg
Siblings: Sister named, Starbeam, and brother named, Bushypelt.
Grandfather: Glidingleap
Grandmother: Soulstripe
Mate: Volewhisker
Kits: The tom, Heatkit later Heatfur, the she-cat Sunkit later Sunblaze, and the tom Stripekit later Stripetail.

4:Eggpaw/went to Starclan during training

My mother and father used to be loners in the alley ways until one day they got kicked out by Twolegs and kittypets and got forced into a strange forest. They were accepted in Thunderclan by a noble leader named Lightstar and named Breezeripple and Leapleg. After a few moons I was born and named Redkit because I was one of the best hunters in the clan. When I was 6 moons old I was named Redpaw and became an apprentice. After more moons I became The warrior Redfeather. I had 2 apprentices. The leader, Lightstar, went to the elders den and went back to his warrior name Lightheart and Spiritflame, became leader. I had a handsome mate named Volewhisker and we had 3 kits, Heatkit, Sunkit, and Stripekit. They became, Heatfur, Sunblaze, and Stripetail. Once the clan flooded and I almost died trying to save a kit. I had my third apprentice when the new leader, Spiritstar made me deputy and I got my fourth apprentice. Unfortunately my fourth apprentice died on a Thunderpath and I was depressed for a while but still carried out my duties. When the leader, Spiritstar, lost all of his lives I became Redstar and made my mate, Volewhiser, deputy.

9 Lives given:
1: Singedfang, Loyalty
2: Duckfeather, Determination
3:Greenpaw, Keen senses
4: Vinetail, Courage
5: Foxstar, Loving future
6: Gravelpelt, Energy
7: Spiritstar, Respect
8: Waterheart, Patience
9: Goldenstar, Smartness

How lives were lost:
1: Greencough
2: Shadowclan warrior, Snowfrost
3: Thunderpath
4: Badger
5: Fox
6: falling tree
7: Windclan warrior, Treebreeze
8: Engulfed in fire
9: Drowned trying to save Thunderclan warrior, Burstlight

"If my sister's in trouble then I don't care if all my lives are wiped at once. I will save her from those crow-food eating fox-hearts!"

"I, Redstar, leader of Thunderclan call apon my warrior ancestors to look apon this apprentice. She has trained hard to learn your noble code and  I commend her as a warrior in her turn. Moonpaw, do you promise to protect and defend your clan even at the costs of your life?"
"I do!"
"Then by the power of Starclan I give you your warrior name. Moonpaw from this moment on you will be known as Moonlight, Starclan honors your compassion and loyalty."

Volewhisker stared into Redfeather's green eyes."I have never met a cat as beautiful as you. I would like to spend all of my life here and in Starclan with you." Volewhisker murmured, Redfeather's heart felt as if wind was lifting it up. "I would like that also, Volewhisker."


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Hello Deviantarters I am Aquaeevee29 but, you can call me Aqua I love Pokemon and the book series Warriors and Wings of Fire. My favorite pokemon is Vaporeon and my favorite type is water. I love eeveelutions too. You can watch me whenever you like and plz fav my art and journal entry's! Thanks! If you have any questions or requests for art then ask me in my comments. Have a wonderful day or night depending on when your reading this. I wish you all good art and stories!

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