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My Warrior Cat Certificate

Kit: Redkit
Apprentice: Redpaw
Warrior: Redfeather
Leader: Redstar


Pretty red dappled she-cat with deep green eyes. A red splotch from the right ear and around the eye. Various spots on her face and chest. She has red fur on the outside of her ears and darker fur from the top of her face and down her back.

Family tree:
Mother: Breezeripple
Father: Leapleg
Siblings: Sister named, Ottertail, and brother named, Bushypelt.
Grandfather: Ukulele
Grandmother: Hybiscus
Mate: Volewhisker
Kits: The tom, Silverkit later Silverclaw, the she-cat Wishkit later Wishpelt, and the tom Oceankit later Oceanbreeze.

4:Eggpaw/went to Starclan during training

Great Hunter
Loves fish and Shrews
Likes to explore

Hi my name is Redstar and this is my history. My mother and father Breezeripple and Leapleg use to be rougues in the alley way named Cheetah and Velvet. They got kicked out by kittypets and Twolegs and fled to the forest. They were accepted into Leafclan by an amazing leader and soon after they had me and my siblings. They named me Redkit because of my pelt and when I became an apprentice I was an amazing hunter I really impressed my mentor Singedfang. The apprentices Volepaw and Bushpaw became warriors named Volewhisker and Bushfall and soon after me and my siblings became Redfeather, Bushypelt and Ottertail.
After my warrior ceremony me and Volewhisker started getting very close. Our leader Stripestar retired to the elders den and the deputy Spiritflame became Spiritstar. He gave me my first apprentice Moonpaw who was later Moonlight. I got in trouble once as an apprentice for crossing Vaporclan territory and catching a fish and eating it, silly me. I became mates with Volewhisker and we had the kits Silverkit, Wishkit and Oceankit. Before this I had two more apprentices named Maplepaw, and Orangepaw. They became Orangeleaf and Maplefur. When I moved out of the nursery there was a flood and I saved Bushfall's kit Robinkit from drowning in the flood.

9 Lives given:
1:Singedfang, Loyalty
2: Duckfeather, Determination
3:Greenpaw, Keen senses
4: Vinetail, Courage
5: Grassfeild, Loving future
6: Echoshine, Energy
7: Spiritstar, Respect
8: Eggpaw, Patience
9: Stripestar, Smartness

How lives were lost:
1: Vaporclan leader, Acornstar
2: Marshclan warrior, Snowfrost
3: Thunderpath
4: Badger
5: Fox
6: falling tree
7: Falconclan warrior, Strikescar
8: Engulfed in fire
9: Drowned saving Leafclan warrior, Glowpool

"If my sister's in trouble then I don't care if all my lives are wiped at once. I will save her from those crow-food eating fox-hearts!"

"I, Redstar, leader of Leafclan call apon my warrior ancestors to look apon this apprentice. She has trained hard to learn your noble code and  I commend her as a warrior in her turn. Cloudpaw, do you promise to protect and defend your clan even at the costs of your life?"
"I do!"
"Then by the power of Starclan I give you your warrior name. Cloudpaw from this moment on you will be known as Cloudlight, Starclan honors your compassion and loyalty."



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United States
Hello Deviantarters I am Aquaeevee29 but, you can call me Aqua I love Pokemon and the book series Warriors and Wings of Fire. My favorite pokemon is Vaporeon and my favorite type is water. I love eeveelutions too. You can watch me whenever you like and plz fav my art and journal entry's! Thanks! If you have any questions or requests for art then ask me in my comments. Have a wonderful day or night depending on when your reading this. I wish you all good art and stories!


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